Things I Love, A girl’s guide

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  • People who use turn signals. Despite how important you think you are, I don’t know which way you are going. If you live near me, you know that the Haggerty/Target corridor is one of the worst places to maneuver. There are people coming and going several different directions. I hate missing my chance to go, because the person coming out of Babies R Us thinks I understand telepathy. Guess what bitch, I don’t! Disclaimer:  My Target experience prompted today’s blog. It is not a passive aggressive attempt to send a message to one particular person. I’d do that on Facebook.
  • Old fashioned greeting cards. You can’t help but feel special when someone remembers your day, without needing a Facebook reminder.A card is something you can remember relationships by. Same with notes sent with gifts, Christmas card newsletters and other short missives. When that person is gone, it’s a nice way for you to feel in touch with them again. Sure, sending cards takes effort, but it means so much more to me than a casual cyber “happy birthday”. I still go through the cards my grandma sent me over the years. I know she’d be happy, but will your future grand kids be able to say the same? I have a friend who has faithfully kept up our card & calling tradition for more than 20 years. Surprisingly, it’s a guy, a really cool guy.


  • People who RSVP. It’s not meant to only be confirmation you will attend. You should also let your hostess know if you cannot be there.

If someone is nice enough to invite me, I certainly don’t want them to have to contact me again, so they know if I am attending. From experience, and after talking to frustrated party planners, I can tell you that a significant percentage of people fail to respond. Don’t be that person. It’s annoying and makes the hostess feel you didn’t appreciate their invite.

Of course, weddings are the most important time to do this. Venues charge based on confirmed numbers. Brides are often able to modify their count a few days before the event, so don’t hesitate to contact her if your plans changed. Even when I am hosting a casual at home get-together I often cook for days.Not 24/7 of course, but if you add in planning, buying and prep time it easily can span over that period. I won’t even get into the time it takes to clean. Knowing if someone’s plans changed, even if it’s the day of, is important to me. I am not blessed with many relatives or friends that entertain. Therefore, I treasure any time someone thinks to include me, even if it’s a casual BBQ. Don’t forget to appreciate these little things in life, because many of us aren’t blessed with a large social and family network.

  • Friends & relatives that know we’re not on Leave it to Beaver  Do you sometimes feel you are a guy from the 1950’s and your friend is waiting for you to ask her to the dance?  You see, I like relationships where both people put effort in. I don’t like being the one who always checks in on the other person, suggest things we can do together, remembers special days, etc. If I sometimes do that more than the other person that’s fine. But, no one likes always being the only thing keeping a relationship going. It’s called taking people for granted and no one wants to feel that way. Reach out to a friend you haven’t called for a while, and let them know you are thinking of them.It means a lot, and yes, a quick text is good enough sometimes!


  • Cat Lovers – I am convinced anyone who doesn’t love cats is allergic, never had one themselves, or had some loser cat, who didn’t fairly represent the species. Every one of my cats has their own personality.They don’t wake you up barking, they don’t need to be taken outside in frigid temperatures, and they don’t expect much other than a place to sit by the window. Instead, they may meow and run to you when you walk in the door, sneak in your bed when your husband goes to work, or beg to go in your closed garage so they can sit by your car.  Cats may be weird, but they make me happy.

cookie bed.jpg
“Oh Rich left for work? I’m ready to snuggle after I RSVP to this shower invite.”
Cookie, Age 6, Northville, MI




2 thoughts on “Things I Love, A girl’s guide

  1. Did Cookie say that as he politely signaled his turn? I agree with all you wrote and laughed about the Facebook part. Ashamed to say that the strictures that I unfailingly observe are the ones about RSVP-ing and turn-signaling. (Yesterday I sent an internet birthday wish to a friend who previously broke my heart.)

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  2. I know what that’s like unfortunately. It was nice of you to be the better person. Maybe one day he/she will realize what they did. Cookie does not drive, our insurance won’t cover him. He finds it hard to reach the gas pedal and when he rode in the car last time, he panted for 45 minutes and ended up sitting in the litter box. For some reason, it comforted him. So, I’m thinking based on this, driving may not be a good idea.

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