The Ugly Years

Yesterday I wrote about my teenage years and how I used to straighten my hair with a curling iron. You can imagine how well it turned out! Thankfully, big hair was in and I finally found a stylist who taught me how to blow dry hair. But the big improvement came in the form of chemicals, specifically the Keratin Hair Smoothing treatment. I had my first brush with it (get it?) around 2004. Since then, it’s a miracle I haven’t been approached by a modeling agency. The cost is about $350 and then of course, I have to tip the guy. For any ladies or gay guys struggling with long styling time and re-emerging kinky hair, this picture is for you.

You can derive 2 things from these pictures:

  1. My daughter is a much better looking teenager than I was.
  2. My hair looks a hell of a lot better.

My mother told me on the phones yesterday, “You spent more on your hair by 20 years old than I did in my life time”. She was wrong. I didn’t hit that mark until I was 25.

The best part of the treatment is that you can easily get 9 months out of it. That’s 9 months of not looking like the picture on the left. So if you’ve been toying with the idea of chemically straightening your hair, DO IT!!!! In go to John, the owner of Gjeto’s Salon and Day Spa, in Novi, MI.


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