Does This Look Like Trash To You?


I wasn’t going to post today because I somehow got talked into hosting a party for (7) 10th grade girls. The idea of ordering pizza and calling it a day just isn’t me. Of course, I want to give them the best spread ever, which sounded good 5 days before hand but not so much on the day you have to actually cook it.

But, how can I ignore the fact that my neighbors think it’s okay to put nice pieces of furniture, such as a book case and a desk, on the curb to warp in the elements? There’s something inherently wrong with you deciding to do that rather than call Goodwill, who will gladly pick up your items for free.

I don’t know if they thought the trash men, who came by yesterday, have an extra UHAUL trailing them, just in case there’s a freebie like this. Or, if they thought a neighbor would fall in love and they were being kind by leaving it out for them. Regardless, their stuff has sat out there overnight and now instead of helping someone in need it’s getting more damaged by the hour.

Only a couple weeks ago I noticed a large sofa and matching chair languishing in the snow for well over a week. Not at the same house, but nearby. Every time I passed I told myself I need to write an anonymous note asking why they chose not to call one of the many charities who would gladly put it to  use. I never did that, but I think I will in this case.

I will be making my weekly trip to the library tomorrow. I’ve been binge watching Masters of Sex and requested the biography the series was based on. I hope I don’t see anymore furniture sitting outside on my way there.



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