The One Show I Couldn’t Live Without: Beverly Hills 90210

90210*This blog is dedicated (to the still alive) Rob R. in Chesterfield, MO. Of course, as high as his pulse rate gets on the treadmill, I should probably place a call to make sure.* 

Beverly Hills 90210, brought to you by Northville Mom 

Last night I had the pleasure of reliving my youth as I watched Lifetime’s “unauthorized” movie about Beverly Hills 90210. Although I was snapped back into reality when my daughter asked, “Who is Kelly Taylor”, I couldn’t help but realize how much I missed the show.  It took me through my years as a student, living with my parents in St. Louis to married life and a newborn baby in Michigan.

I easily found the pilot episode on HULU and watched it today. It didn’t take long for me to identify my favorite quote, spoken by 26 year old High School Student Steve “Sharknado” Sanders.

Steve: You got a nose job!
Kelly: Yeah, I did.
Steve: It looks…looks good.
Kelly: Big improvement, huh?
Steve: Well yeah, they took about a foot off.
Kelly: Now I know why I broke up with you.

When watching the Lie Detector Q&A that followed the movie, I learned that the actors selected their own wardrobe; particularly once the show became a hit. In the pilot episode, Jennie wore 2 pairs of shorts at the same time (see below), accenting her look with an orange t-shirt and aqua socks. Let’s just hope Jennie felt she couldn’t say anything since it was the first episode! I can’t remember anyone wearing this look, but Parkway Central was not exactly Beverly Hills High.


If you missed the Q&A portion of the evening, I will give you one guess who was the one actor that participated. Only one person is desperate enough to do that; the one and only Tori Spelling. I kept looking for her Benihana burns, which are horrific, but the camera did not show her arm.

As usual, I couldn’t help but get the impression Tori is desperate for money, fame or both. I will give her credit though, she still fits easily into her old wardrobe from the set. If I tried to wear my clothes from 1990, I’d need the Jaws of Life to unzip myself! 

The best part of the night was when Tori was asked if she really sold Jason Priestley’s wedding invitation at her yard sale for $5. She said no, but the lie detector said otherwise. I read about the other big revelation before the show aired, which was that Tori and Jason had a summer fling and were “intimate”. I don’t mean they shared a good book and coffee at Starbucks either. Jason responded on social media saying that, “I’m not getting into this…it’s nobody’s business…Either way.” I have a feeling he wishes he could forget it happened.

Speaking of really cute guys, at least in the 90’s, I also learned that Luke Perry was cast after the original pilot was shot. After it was agreed the pilot was “missing something”, Aaron Spelling wisely suggested they add a “bad boy” figure. At the time, Luke was just promoted to a supervisor role in the construction business. He swore 90210 would be the last audition he’d go on. He already auditioned once before, for Steve Sanders’ role.

In the words of Dylan McKay, “I just don’t believe in winning through intimidation, unless, of course, I’m doing the intimidating.

If you are a 90210 fan and haven’t seen the movie on lifetime, I recommend it. The actors were strikingly like the real stars, other than the girl who played Donna Martin. Let’s just say the actress they used was a little more attractive. The girl who played Kelly was dead-on, she even talked like her. It was worth seeing the movie for that alone.

Still dying for more 90210? Check out Jennie Garth’s acting debut on Growing Pains at age 17. It was the only time she was on TV before Beverly Hills 90210.



One thought on “The One Show I Couldn’t Live Without: Beverly Hills 90210

  1. Northville Mom, you rock! Perfect combo of humor and nostalgia. I loved 90210 and watched it until the bitter end — through Shannen Doherty becoming markedly less pretty and eventually leaving, through methamphetamine addiction, and, worst of all, a lame nightclub. And I would never have guessed (in a million years) that Hilary Swank would have become the most famous alum. Your title caught my interest. I had to see which show you were referring to. I always watched 90210, but my real obsession (think literal grown woman tantrum if it wasn’t on) was… wait for it… Melrose Place. What a lineup. Thank you, Fox.


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