11 Signs You’ve Officially Become Middle-Aged. Do you pass the test?


  • When watching Sex and the City re-runs, Samantha no longer looks old to you.
  • Your Amazon shipment confirmation e-mails often include the word, “brace”.
  • Dudes with walkers give you the eye and actually think they have a chance with you.
  • You use words like dudes.
  • The only heavy lifting you do is putting your bra on each morning.
  • When you hear the word “weed” you immediately think, “Buy Round-up”.
  • You have an overwhelming need to correct the spelling of Rapper’s names; for example, “Tyga”.
  • You don’t use root touch-up to cover your grey. You use, “Gurl-you might as well get yourself a weave.”
  • Your idea of a cell phone growing up was a long cord, stretching across the hallway.
  • You use Urban Dictionary when watching MTV.
  • You’ll finally admit to being 40.
  • BONUS: The only twerking you do is putting your spanks on in the morning.

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