Yard Signs, the new way to brag about your kid.


When walking through the neighborhood yesterday, I came across a frequent sight. In the past few years, it’s become common place for parents to display signs celebrating their children’s accomplishment. These signs may relate to varsity sports, high school or college graduation, or even inclusion in travel teams. I haven’t seen a sign yet for a kid being in the rec league, but I wouldn’t doubt that’s next.

I do not begrudge parents who put these signs up. Let’s face it. I am going to do the same thing! It’s sort of like a pedafiles guide to the neighborhood. What I am wondering is how this became so popular and does this phenomenon transcend Northville’s borders or is this something spreading throughout the country?

When I was growing up, I would have had some cool signs:  Dance Class Drop Out, Kid in Band Who Never Practices, Best Able to Skip Meals…I couldn’t go on but I don’t want to seem like I am bragging.

A quick google search brought up a web site where you can purchase yard signs celebrating just about anything. The first sample I ironically came to was “Varsity Dance Team”. Is that a sign I missed my calling? When I tried to search when this trend started, I couldn’t find anything.

I think it’s great parents want to make kids feel special but I am curious who gets more out of putting the sign up. The parent, the child, or is it equal? I even saw a sign recently that gave the kid’s college major (Hospitality at Michigan State) and the fact they secured a job working for a resort in Vail. It’s a nice way to share good news with the community, but I still long for learning the news the old fashioned way. Through gossiping, but in this case though, I don’t think they would have minded.

If you know more about the history of these signs or have a funny one to share, please leave a comment. I look more popular that way.


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