I finally got published!


If you know me at all, you know how much I enjoy writing non-fiction. I wish I liked writing in the same way J.K. Rowlings and E.L. James do, but my interest always centered around writing a really good Attorney General response or training materials. Now that those outlets are gone, here I am.

You would be surprised how hard it is to break into magazines and print work. Many won’t take submissions unless you’ve already been published. I thought I found a great potential outlet in Ladies’ Home Journal, but it turns out their last monthly publication is in July.

Yesterday, I added a Facebook post detailing my frustration with the way many people throw away relationships with abandon. A few of you suggested I start a blog and I thought to myself, why not? Of course, I immediately began hearing negative thoughts in my head such as:

  • You are so boring, who the hell would want to read it?
  • You have no friends on the internet , maybe you’ll hit 5 followers next year.

Then I remembered a blog might count as prior writing experience to an editor. It has always been my dream to be featured among cosmetic ads. Not to mention a home business would give my husband (Rich) a dream of his as well, tax deductions. Granted, I am a long way from that but if you can share my blog with YOUR friends, who knows. I might just get there.


3 thoughts on “I finally got published!

  1. This is great Laura!! I love your blog!! This is so you…I could imagine you saying this!! Definitely can’t wait for more!!


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